Thursday, May 5

.: War Dogs

Man's best friend is a pretty fearsome warrior. So it should come as no surprise that among the 79 commandos involved in Operation Neptune Spear that resulted in Osama bin Laden's killing, there was one dog -- the elite of the four-legged variety. 
Military working dogs (MWDs) are outfitted with equipment of their own -- a range of specialized gear that includes Doggles (protective eye wear), body armor, life vests, gas masks, long-range GPS-equipped vests, and high-tech canine "flak jackets." 
The U.S. Naval Special Warfare Group had "awarded an $86,000 contract to Canadian firm K9 Storm Inc. for the supply of 'Canine Tactical Assault Vests' for wear by SEAL dogs."

Marine Commandant Gen. James Amos stated that he'd like to see "a dog with every patrol."  


Skinny said...

I've got mixed emotions. If they help troops it's a good thing. Putting dogs in harm's way to be killed is the one negative.

Scott said...

I believe that dogs really enjoy a challenge and a chance to help out. I know my sheperd did.