.: La Fée Verte

Absinthe Fontaine (Fountain) & Spoons

No drink throughout history has inspired as much fear, awe and allure as absinthe.

Absinthe, pronounced (ab-saunt) is a strong-herbal spirit distilled with wormwood, anise and fennel, the holy trinity of absinthe and other aromatic herbs like licorice, anise should be the most dominating flavor.

Absinthe is often referred to as La Fée Verte or "The Green Fairy," was first made in Switzerland as remedy for stomach problems and later distributed by a Doctor, who sold it as a therapeutic agent against stomach disease.

Around 1800 the formula was purchased by a Frenchman named H. L. Pernod (remember that name) who began production. During that time France made use of the stimulating effects of Absinthe and provided soldiers with regular rations of the liquor. Soldiers returning home from war were hooked on la fee verte and distilleries popped up all over France. However, it was the artists and writers of those times who really made absinthe famous as well as infamous. Devotees like - Manet, Wilde, Degas, Toulouse-Lautrec, van Gogh, Gauguin hailed the inspiring effects of the spirit. I finally understood this when I first sampled the now legal spirit last year. It’s said that Drinkers of absinthe experience a double action intoxication. It’s like you become both numb and lucid.

I also enjoy the ritual. You'll need the proper accessories or Absinthe Paraphernalia. You'll need the proper glass, an Absinthe spoon, sugar cubes, a carafe of ice water and a bottle of the green fairy. Best served one part Absinthe to four parts water. Absinthe should never be served "neat" as it is too strong. 

First place the spoon over the glass and place one or two sugar cubes onto the spoon. Then slowly pour the Absinthe over the cube. Next slowly pour the ice water over the sugar cube. When the cold water hits the Absinthe it immediately becomes cloudy. This clouding effect is the "louche." The louche is accompanied by a release of the fragrances and flavors and is best accomplished slowly, by steadily dripping water. When you've poured in the correct amount of water, drop what's remaing of the sugar cube and stir slowly.

I've sampled a few brands, some can get quite pricey, but keep coming back to the first one I tried, Vieux Pontarlier which is quite affordable at about $70 a pop. Appreciez!