Sunday, April 17

.: Pazzesco's Potpourri #5

Banksy's 23-foot high Stained Window piece is a collaboration with the City of Angels public school in Los Angeles. Students were encouraged to write tags on panels erected in their schoolyard before Banksy adapted them.
MOCA’s “Art in the Streets” — the first major US museum exhibition dedicated to street art — opens to the public this Sunday, and will remain open through August 8.
Among the familiar pieces stretching all the way back to the dawn of graffiti-based vandalism are new and original pieces from the likes of Os Gemeos and Banksy (above).
My Modern Met took some photos during yesterday’s press opening which you can see here.
David Mach’s incredible sculpture, The Devil, is made entirely of matches.
Every Spring over 100,00 visitors converge in Messe Basel, Switzerland for the preeminent watch show, Baselworld. And every year, famed watchmaker Harry Winston typically unveils the latest model in their exclusive Opus line, where they collaborate with expert watchmakers — that are not yet household names — to design a watch that pushes the boundaries of traditional timepieces.

This year for the Opus 12, Harry Winston partnered with Emmanuel Bouchet and the result is an incredibly unique and intricate timepiece that is certain to generate attention no matter where it is spotted.

Only 120 of these timepieces will be made and the price is steep, estimated to start around $260,000 with more expensive versions available with added diamonds… Full details and an awesome video below by A Blog to Read. Enjoy!



Bella said...

dang that some shark bling right there! hahaha, and that poor dog...geeze...that eyeball in the middle of the page, right side, that's pretty wild...

nina simone, nice!

Skinny said...

I liked the human head bike helmet.