Friday, March 25

.: Some Lefties Unappy w/Baracket

Some on the left are (acting?) seriously upset with the President.The author of the following rant, Ed Encho, uses some colorful language including a term I haven't heard before, "Cruise Missle Liberals."

I wonder, does Ed really think that Obama "just locked down another four years in the White House" by bombing Libya? Well, I guess Obama's got the support of the Cruise Missle Liberals, but it sounds like he's lost Ed's bunch.

I wonder if this guy is truly hoping to see Obama on trial at the Hague, or just trying to maintain his anti-war credibility? Well, it doesn't really matter because in the end you know Obama's in a little trouble when he's mockingly called the "Pope Of Hope" by one of his supporters.


Let Them Eat War: Mr. Obama Joins the Club

The moment the first explosions rocked Libya I knew that Barack Obama had just locked down another four years in the White House. This was his initiation, his right of passage, just like laying in a mock coffin and sucking off upperclassmen in the Skull and Bones tomb. By definition every U.S. President is a war criminal and our very own proud owner of the Nobel Peace Prize finally has that most precious of things, a war that he can claim as his own. Not that Afghanistan and Iraq which continue to burn, bankrupt and morally pollute didn't qualify Obama for the exalted title of war criminal in chief but they are really Bush's wars, now the Pope of Hope has pissed his name into the snow. Of course there is all of the happy horseshit about the international seal of approval including that of the United Nations but ultimately is is more war for a nation that remains to become weary of such bloody and ultimately futile adventures. The national credit card was long ago maxed out on wars of choice, the monstrous sword of Damocles that is the national debt hangs over the heads of every American currently alive and whomever happens to be born here over the next fifty years but there is always more support for America's favorite pastime - killing brown people.

Eight years to the day after the abortion that was George W. Bush dialed up the attack on Iraq Mr.Obama took time off from his NCAA tournament bracket and green-lighted the attack on the devil Col. Gadhafi who like the earlier version of the "New Hitler", Saddam Hussein is killing his own people. Now there is change that you can believe in!

Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH!)
Demands Immediate End to U.S. Role in the War in Libya.

Here's Congressman Olive Pit's letter to "The Honorable Barack Obama"

My Cartoon of the Week may be a Drudge Headline.
Thanks to KA-CHING for the screenshot.

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