Thursday, March 24

.: Gotta Keep Watching

Down by eleven in the first half, should've gone in at the half down by nine, but the kid hits the thirty footer with a defender in his face to end the half down by only six. He had twenty-five in the first half to carry the team. The Cats exploded for fifty-five in the second half and Duke just kind of watched... never seen a Krzyzewski team act that way.

Pics of the game from UofA's Flickr.


Graphic stolen from NoSheeplesHere.
She has a nice re-cap from a Dukie perspective:
"“The tournament is cruel,” Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski said. “It’s an abrupt end for everybody when you don’t win.”
Duke appeared to have the game well in hand in the first half, but after taking the floor to start the second half, the Wildcats let loose with a scoring rampage that left the Blue Devils dazed and unable to gain any momentum."

.: Baracket Update

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