Monday, March 14

.: Japan... Words Fail

Amatsu Norito
(Prayer Of  Heaven)

Taka-amahara ni kamzumari masu
Kamurogi Kamuromi no mikoto mochite
Sume-mioya kamu Izanagi no mikoto
Tsukushi no Himuka no Tachihana no
Odo no Ahagi-hara ni
Misogi harai tamou toki ni nari maseru
haraido no okami-tachi
Moro-moro no magagoto tsumi kegare o
Harai tama-e kiyome tama-e to
maosu koto no yoshi o
Amatsu-kami kunitsu-kami
ya-o yorozu no kami-tachi tomo ni
Ame no fuchi-koma no mimi furitate-te
kikoshi-mese to
Kashikomi kashikomi mo maosu

Miroku Omikami
mamori tama-e sakiha-e tama-e
Miroku Omikami
mamori tama-e sakiha-e tama-e

Oshi-e-mioya nushino-kami
mamori tama-e sakiha-e tama-e

Oshi-e-mioya nushino-kami
mamori tama-e sakiha-e tama-e

(pause for silent prayer)

Kan-nagara tamachi ha-e mase
Kan-nagara tamachi ha-e mase
"Hikari" (Light) Kanji by: Mokichi Okada

Information Imitates Art...
A graphic showing tsunami travel timejuxtaposed with a section from  Katsushika Hokusai's famous Great Wave Off Kanagawa, 1830

A conversation between a boy and his little sister following the news.
Me: Why are you up so early?
Her: What in the world? Did you not hear about the tsunami?
Me: I did. I know. It's horrible.
Her: Heck yes it is. We need to buy sushi as soon as the sushi place opens.
Me: Huh? Why?
Her: Oh my goodness. Do i need to explain everything for you?
Me: Yeah. I don't understand why we need to buy sushi?
Her: It's because when you buy something japanese the money goes to japan. or could I send my piggy bank to someone in japan? they need it more then I do. I'll even send them my floaties. I don't need any of it. Why did this happen to japan? they never did anything wrong.
Me: That's just the way mother nature works.
Her: Well where's father nature? I'm sure he's gonna be mad at mother nature. She's hurting her kids. She's a mean mom.
Me: She's not really a mom, thats just what people call it.
Her: Whatever. Whoever this nature lady is, is a pain in the butt. She's always hurting people. Tell her go to mars, and nature herself over there.

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