Friday, March 18

.: Sheen Enough?

Now he's got his own website to promote his "Nobody Loves Me Enough To Intervene" tour...

Charlie will be donating One Dollar from each ticket to:
"My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is Not an Option Show" LIVE
to the Red Cross Japanese Earthquake Relief Fund.

Gotta love those deluded-egocentric-humanitarian-junkies!

Obama as Hamlet!

But now Obama is chief executive, and learning, as did Prince Hamlet, that thinking out every possible side of a question can mean never acting on any of them — a sort of Shakespearean “prison” where “there is nothing either good or bad.” Worrying about pleasing everyone ensures pleasing no one. Once again such “conscience does make cowards of us all.”

Hamlets, past and present, are as admirable in theory as they are fickle — and often dangerous — in fact.

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