Sunday, March 27

.: Pazzesco's Potpourri #2

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In a sandy chamber known as the "beach," a wave rolls across a wall painted (and repainted) by cataphiles in the style of Japanese printmaker Hokusai. Such works can take hundreds of hours—the painting but also the carrying in of supplies.

The Rorschach inkblot test is a hallowed tradition in psychology, and nobody is supposed to have access to those smudges that patients project their psyches onto. But a Saskatchewan surgeon has flouted tradition, by posting all ten inkblot images to Wikipedia.
Heilman didn't just post all 10 images — he also added research data on the most typical responses to them. So if you're taking a Rorschach test and want to appear normal at all costs, you can read up beforehand. The inkblots were created 90 years ago, so they're no longer in copyright in the United States, but 2 psychologists have filed complaints.

Before reading research data, I'm going to note my first impressions on the final 3...
Uh-oh, here's Miss A, checking out her new jeans in the mirror and she's getting ready to ask me if they make her butt look fat.
C'mon... this one's obviously Dopey and Sneezy high-fiving each-other after nailing Snow White.
Looks to me like a couple of Buckingham Palace guards vacated their posts, hopped the Chunnel to Paris, got drunk and started discussing penis dimension. The blue smears represent the stench of the garbage you see laying all around.


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Skinny said...

The beach cave painting and the light bulb were very, very cool. Light bulb the best. I had to look again at that one.