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From My Old Blog (6/28/09)

Palin Derangement Syndrome

a) acute onset of paranoia in otherwise normal people in reaction to the Governor of Alaska based on emotion rather than facts or logic.
b) pervasive disorder, usually characterized by an irrational hatred.

I find it absolutely fascinating that an affliction known as "PDS" (Palin Derangement Syndrome) is still sweeping across the country in near epidemic proportions. I certainly can't remember any vice-presidential candidate on the losing end of an election still being so vilified half a year later. Is there any politician in the country, excluding the President himself, who's more talked about than Mrs. Palin?

Why is that?

I have a really hard time believing it's because, as PDS sufferers claim, she's so stupid. I mean is it her stupidity that drives adults to make incredibly mean-spirited attacks on her children?

William Jacobson at Legal Insurection in a post about the photoshopping of Trig Palin:

It really is hard to understand why some adults feel the need to make fun of Trig Palin, a one-year old who has Down Syndrome. Politics alone cannot explain it. If you don't like Sarah Palin, fine, but why go after Trig?

These people go after Trig because they don't like the fact that he's alive. They truly hate this child not only because his life gives Palin credibility as a pro-lifer, but because we'll be seeing Trig the adolescent smiling, competing in the Special Olympics and joyfully living a life these people claim has no value. These are people who consider themselves smarter than anyone who'd give birth to a special needs child rather than kill him or her and Trig Palin is a threat to their agenda.

I do agree with Wonkette's point that:
Palin basically poked a stick in the world’s largest beehive and unleashed a pack of Photoshop Dogs From Hell
I hope Governor Palin continues poking that beehive because it exposes Palin-haters as the malicious miscreants they truly are. It's always fun to watch the intolerance of the so-called tolerant and their media lapdogs.

I scrolled through the forum mentioned in the post and while there are some truly horrible photoshops of Trig, I thought this one was kind of cute as well as ironic.

Palin the grown up and her detractors the children.

Why the hatred?

Because Sarah Palin entered the national stage just after the media had finished trashing their gal Hillary in order to appoint their guy Barack. The Obama Presidency definitely belongs to these so-called journalist of the "establishment media."  If the press had spent 1/10th of the time and energy spent trying to destroy Palin on vetting Obama, it's very likely Hillary Clinton would now be the first woman to serve as POTUS, and if that were the case, Palin loses much of the juice she now has. The press MADE Palin by Screwing over Hillary. They HATE themselves for doing that and they project that hatred onto Palin and her family.

Governor Palin was obviously viewed by the press as a threat to their guy and their agenda. She's still viewed as a threat because their obsession continues half a year later! However, I'm not nearly as impressed with the left's loathing of Sarah Palin as I am of the fact that the Republican establishment apparently fears her too.

Why is that?

It's not Palin's fault that Republicans lost the House, Senate and the Oval. The fault can be squarely laid on the shoulders of those Pubbies in office. Those, who along with Bush, expanded government and focused on religious conservatives rather than fiscal conservatism. These are the same Republicans who like so many on the far left are busy promoting the canard that Palin cost McCain the election. These same Republicans claim (along with Democrats) that the Republican party needs to become more moderate in order to build up the party and win elections... BULLSHIT! Who was more moderate than McCain? He was getting slaughtered before she came along. She closed the gap. To win elections the Republican party simply needs to renew their commitment to shrinking the size of government. That's not going to happen until republican voters start sending their sitting senators and congresspersons back into the private sector and electing true "fiscal" conservatives.

Palin scares these clowns because she's not afraid to attack corruption on her side of the aisle, as her record proves. She the one who's a legitimate threat to the status quo in DC. She may just be the best HOPE for the real CHANGE this country needs. However, that change would come at the cost of the Republican leadership and they'll have none of that. Who was the last nationally prominent Republican so despised by the the Republican leadership? Ronald Reagan...

I read about Sarah Palin before she was tapped to try and save McCain's candidacy. She was the most popular Governor in the USA and had an impressive record as Governor of Alaska. Her rise to that office was just as impressive. A true Citizen Politician...

She wasn't ready for national office when McCain picked her (as a gimmick in my opinion), to salvage his floundering campaign. It was a gimmick that scared the hell out of the media, whose own gimmick looked like he was gonna win in a cake-walk until Sarah showed up.

Governor Sarah Palin. HATED by the Left. FEARED by the political establishment in her own party. DESPISED by an elitist media who hid the truth and duped so many into voting for Obama. Sounds like a pretty good resume to me...

She wasn't ready for the national stage in '08, but she'll be ready by '12. With each passing day of the Obama Administration a Palin Presidency is sounding more and more plausible.

It's an old post, but I still feel the same. 

So, here we are almost nearly two years later and the left still HATES her. Bill Maher, who's hated women ever since his agent talked him into doing Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death (okay he's hated women since he started puberty and couldn't get a date), called her a dumb twat last week. NOW still hates her, but what really got them all pissy is feeling forced into defending her from progressive liberals. Once again Palin helps shine a light on liberal hypocrisy and that makes them hate her even more.

Wasington insiders still trying to find fault: David Frum is upset because she used the wrong travel agent for her trip to Israel.

Click the Time picture at the top of this post to find Cynthia Yockey's opinion on Why Palin should run:
Sarah Palin should BE president — because she knows more about energy policy and what it will take to secure energy independence for the U.S. than any other nominee, as her recent speech in India shows.
Will she or won't she?
Sarah Palin has never done things the traditional way; she built her career on challenging political powerbrokers rather than courting them; and she has long demonstrated an uncanny self-confidence and grand ambitions for her own life that have confounded critics at every turn.
"She does not follow the typical playbook," Alaska Republican pollster Dave Dittman said. "Both the RNC and the DNC have a playbook, which is for the most part pretty predictable. And she's just writing a whole new book."
The most important thing in the next election is winning. If we get #45 in 2012 that person will have a terribly hard job cleaning up the incredible mess Obama leaves behind. It's not just his mess, but the garbage and the attitude left behind by generations of professional politicians who lead us towards insolvency because their only real concern was getting reelected. The next president will have to be tough enough to make the hard choices. #45 will have to be someone who puts values above political expediency and doing what's best for future generation above being popular. At this point Sarah Palin is still the only one who's proved tough enough for the job.

The last sentence in that old post, "With each passing day of the Obama Administration a Palin Presidency is sounding more and more plausible."  I would now change that to,"With each passing day of the Obama Administration a Palin Presidency is sounding more and more necessary."

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