Thursday, March 24

.: Air Claire For Sale

Instapundit: Claire McCaskill’s Private Airplane Now For Sale After Tax Scandal.

Senator Claire McCaskill, Democrat of Missouri, refuses to answer questions regarding her use of taxpayer dollars for private jet travel after a New York City fundraiser.

Breitbart attacks Color of Change ‘freaks’
for campaign to have The Huffington Post censor him,
In a phone interview with The Daily Caller, Breitbart responded to the Color of Change campaign, saying, “Bring it on, punks.”

“Van Jones is a commie punk,” Breitbart told TheDC. “He was exposed to a great extent because of the hard journalism that was done at my website, that exposed him as a guy who was an unvetted liability to the Obama administration. He was forced to step down because of my journalistic work.”

Bill gets tentative OK, but ultimately must pass Justice Department's scrutiny
AUSTIN — House Republicans flexed their super-majority power Wednesday night to tentatively pass a restrictive voter ID bill that Democrats contend will suppress the votes of minorities instead of making elections more secure.

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